The Answering Machine for ISDN Codecs

Answers calls from ISDN codecs
records the audio - automatically!


No more waiting
around in studios...
    The efficient way to
                                   handle ISDN audio!


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Capture can answer multiple MSNs and email the audio to different people or departments depending on the number that the sender dialled!


Windows 98/NT/2000/Me/XP

 AudioTX Capture

............The most efficient way to  
handle incoming ISDN audio!  

  The OLD way...  

Your reporters... production studios... remote studios... commercial production & traffic people... voice-overs... contributors... all call you at the most inconvenient time to say they have some audio to send over ISDN

You stop what you're doing, go into the studio and wait for them to dial up the ISDN codec. You wait a while.

You find a tape or fire up the digital workstation. You wait a while.

They send the audio. You wait a while.

You disconnect... just as you did from your work about 30 minutes ago...














                       The SMART way...   

Anyone with an ISDN codec... a CDQ Prima, a Telos Zephyr, a Glensound etc etc. wants to send you some audio.

You give them the ISDN number of your PC running AudioTX Capture.

That's it. Get on with whatever you were doing before they called.

The audio will be taken automatically and kept in an Inbox; or, if you choose, copied to a network drive or emailed to you.


AudioTX Capture takes audio from other people's ISDN codecs automatically - it can answer mulitple MSNs (numbers on an ISDN line) and can even send or copy the audio to different people or places according to the number that the sender dialled.


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